Sunday, January 19, 2014

Cancon and 28mm Moderns

So I have been on leave for a few weeks and I am not into the final two weeks.

I have had an awesome time off and the cap it all off I have Cancon this coming weekend and then my Little sister is getting married the following weekend.

This year as i mentioned in my wrap up from Cancon Last year, I had no interest in attending a 40k event after the unpleasant taste the one I attended last year left.

So this year I got involved in a Club event and over the coming weekend Ill be taking part in the AK47 republic where my US marines will be involved in political and real battles of a failed state.

It's going to be very tongue in cheek, think Monty Pyhton meets war-gaming so it's all about having fun.

It also gave me a chance to paint up something new Moderns.

And here it is:

The infantry are from Eureka Miniatures and their awesome moderns range: Eureka Miniatures Moderns Range and the Stryker is from Company B Minatures: Company B Miniatures

Now the Stryker is not exactly a US marine specific equipment but it was what I could get my hands on and I may down the track get LAV or two.

The rules that we will be using is one of my new favorite rules Chain of Command- we have adjusted it for moderns with play-testing and alcohol ! Should be a hoot.

Anyway now that these are done I'm back to painting dark ages vikings and then some more ww2 Germans.  Anyway the shopping list is ready for Cancon (lots of traders will be there) and the wife is slightly nervous :)

Full report when I return :)