Friday, January 3, 2014

2014- The new years Hobby commitments and hopes :)

Well another year has passed and we are now 3 days into 2014.

Every year I like to try and set myself some goals for the coming year ahead- though its also worth reflecting on what got painted last year.

In no specific order last year saw a viking army rise, the beginnings of ECW force as well some moderns for Chain of Command for Cancon.

 Viking Horde

 Noble Royalists

Hard Core Marines 

(sorry for the crappy photo's did these on the phone as the camera is charging)

So all in all 187 28mm models have been painted this year. That works out to be about a figure painted every 2 days and trust me I don't paint every day.  But that's a pretty good pace to work at. 

On top of that I have to paint a Saxon Army, and WW2 German Fallschrimjager Platoon, more ECW and the beginnings of a British Peninsular Brigade for the Napoleonic Period.  That means the pile of unpainted stuff still outweighs the painted but there you have it.

40k still hovers in the background but for the most part is on the official back burner until FW release Prospero and even then I'm not sure when ill get back to painting the wolves.

I still have plans to keep to the plan for exploring the ECW series and I am slowly working on the next installment of that.   So this 2014 I'd like to see more Vikings done- get the Saxons to the same stage as I did the Vikings last year- build up my Dark Age buildings and terrain the kick-starter from Secret Weapon Miniatures is due for delivery in march - add another two foot regiments to my ECW force, punch out 2 foot regiments for the naps project and complete a Fallschrimjager Platoon.

I hope I can keep to that schedule - I have the models that's for sure - now its all about the painting. Bring on 2014!

Thanks to all those who have visited the blog and commented I really appreciate all the feedback and support.

I hoped you all had a safe Christmas and Wish you the very best in 2014