Monday, January 20, 2014

Hail Caesar Basing and how awesome Warbases is :)

Today the postman dropped off a package from Warbases- about a fortnight ago I had placed this order so a 10 day turnaround is awesome from the UK!

Anyway I had recently been thinking about some comments people had made about the need for allot of figure for Hail Caesar.  Talking with a few mates it was made clear to me that in essence it is the frontage of the unit not so much the number of figures that is principally important in the game.

I mean sure you want to have units sporting 24-48 figures but in 28mm that takes a while to build up so if you keep the frontage but half the number of figures (in this case 24 down to 12 figures) you can pretty much still get a game going - Yeah its still a largish number of figures but now only half as much !

So with that in mind I ordered from Warbases 2x3 sabot bases and Speaking with Diane (awesome person btw) was able to get them cut in the same way as the larger bases earlier last year.

 In the process of building the movement trays.

So with these in my hands I quickly attached the flexible metal sheets i got from Back to Base-ix (Back to Base-ix Flexible Steel ) flocked them up.  So here is one Division for Hail Caesar - still looks good and gets to the table in a game allot faster !   

With the planned Casualty trackers still thinking what I want to have on these.   These are from Minibits (the dice ) really good price for a really simple idea.

Warbases Website :

MiniBits Website:

Anyway should see some battles down the track soon!