Sunday, December 29, 2013

Gettysburg Day 2

So I wans't feeling the best and so missed the cricket in the heat and headed down to Peters for the 2nd round of Gettysburg.

This time it was focused on day 2 with a massive game rather than 3 linked scenrio's.

Its what war-gaming is all about - hundreds even thousands of figures - and lots of good company and good humor (well for the most part but ill get to that!).

I reprized my role as General Ewell again with hope of performing better than last time - my command is the 3 formations around the hills in the bottom of this picture-  So the 3 confederate commanders hoped to perform better than last weeks offerings and for the most part on the far right there was success early on as Darren and Andrew smashed the corp to their front.  But i think fate and history combined to again to see luck and opportunity desert me as i failed with 3 large divisions to get off my starting positions yet again.

I found myself in an artillery duel with Wal and Ian - they themselves comfortably sitting on thier hill. I did with Andrews support destroy a division and Andrew did the same to the union center, but dice rolls saw me not being able to capitalize  on the  opportunities created.  Turn after turn of the dice defying me and I must say my mood turned a little sour and I could not for the life of me roll low when i needed to.

Darren Successfully pushed on the right but was stalled  eventually by Peter while Andrew pushed in the center and for a while things hung in the balance as I was able to start to bring my largest division into play but it was to late to make a difference and the confederates had to again concede the field.

Thanks to Peter, John, Ian, Mark, Darren and even Wal :P for a great days gaming!
 a shot from the confederate left flank. (Darren and Peter attempt to Psyche each other out)
 from the right confederate flank ( John who's ACW collection is massive - he supplied about 60% of the figures on the two days)
 The center right (Wal observes the field (white shirt)  he had a good laugh as I failed roll after roll during the day)
 The Center left

Unfortunately did not get pictures during the game this time to focused on failing command roles :P