Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cancon Wrap up

So the 1st trip to Cancon is over and Im working through the recovery and still working on making out what happened over the weekend!

Suffice to say 1st off Cancon as an event was awesome, so many traders, display games and just general wargaming goodness.  I missed allot being locked into 3 days of gaming and feel there was more to be had from the event than just the competition.

As far as the tournament went - according to rankings HQ I finished equal 16th - so i feel not a bad outcome. The event itself? well that Im not so sure about.

Dont get me wrong I had 8 great games against 8 tough opponents - what left me a little hollow was simple- Unpainted armies- average to bad terrain. So 40k tournament v 40k tournamanet Arc is the better Hobby event compared to Cancon but Cancon as  general Con with lots to do and check out.

The event was 8 games of tough competative play and that was great - yet driving 8 hours to play unpainted armies on mdf boards- yeah thats not what I want out of my hobby or the events I attend.

Hats off to the guys who organized it as far as keeping things in time etc it think two guys running a 120 event is an awesome effort but that being said my above statements hold. 

And in the end that's why while ill go to Cancon again next year- it wont be for 40k- ill play infinity or even Saga (bought 3 warbands on the weekend as well as a new Aleph force for infinty this evening :P). 

 Accommodation for KINGS!

 Shenanigans before the event!
 Mad Practice for the warhammer lads

 My Favorite army for the weekend
 Rain Rain and more Rain!
 The old grudges continue!
 The lads deploy!

Gutsy Orc!