Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2013- Cancon and the Year ahead!

Well its the 23rd of January and the Australia day Holiday is coming up.  The last 2 years Ive been the Melbourne event Arcannacon. This year I decided I wanted something different, this year I wanted to play with more toys and also mess around with forge-world.  So this Year im off to Cancon- and I have to say I'm really really excited.

The last 5 months with the most activity happening in the last 2 months Ive been busy convinving the wife to let me buy forgeworld models and then painting them.

I want to do the 13th company during the heresy and you have seen some of the effort here in past posts.

But recently I needed to put my head down and power through some painting- put my airbrush skills to the test and get some shit done!

Im not going to unit by unit summary today- less than 72 hours before im off the canberra so no time to do that but here is some group shots:

Ive got to say it has been hard yards but im really happy with it all coming together ! So we shall see how the weekend pans out - plan to take heaps of pics and update each night.... if im not drunk :P

So what is next?  well I want to continue to develop the detail on these models - but I want to get into SAGA - so plan to get some vikings and saxons - have the rules and dice already.

I have plans to expand the above as well -  for the heresy army id like to get two 20 man squads of marines :P yeah you heard me  and over christmas I got these :)

So Lots to come plus Napoleonic's and Bolt Action as well if I can manage it!

So Happy Australia Day!

And let the tragic losing to triple helldrakes begin!