Sunday, February 3, 2013


 So I hinted in my last post that I was going to push back into historical gaming, and I have been wanting to get back into historical gaming for a very long time.  The main block to this is the start up and the numbers of models you need to play large battle games. 

Your usually looking at a few hundred models and collections sitting on a shelf for months as you build up the assets to get things going- add to that the guys at Hampton dont mess around with this.... yet.  So Saga is a logical choice as a starting point. You need only a few models -25-50 for a involving skirmish game- that will see models being used pretty much as soon as ive got my 1st warband together and then I can slowly build the rest of the collection.

So I have got myself 3 warbands- Jomsvikings, Vikings and some Anglo Danes- then next step is get some Anglo Saxons as opposing forces etc-though im tempted to focus on viking conflict in their homelands.

Comparative to other models these one by gripping beast I like- they aren't forgeworld sculpts nor are they AB but I like them and its testing and challenging my ability paint fabrics which is something i still need to develop as a skill.

 Its also a nice change of pace from 40k to be honest and I can see myself diving into this and Infinity for the next few months.  I am very happy so far with the results of the 1st few models - getting about 8 painted over the weekend.  I could hope to have a warband painted buy the end of feb- (heading to Hawaii in 8 days)
 As you can see im getting into this proper :)  so all the books- dice markers and measuring sticks - i didn't get the see the saga event over the cancon weekend but I hope to mess around with it next year.

Also there is the Hail Caeser book - so this will be an army over time- im currently working on a movement try solution and will have more when that arrives.
Next update should be about my new Aleph Force which should arrive next week - so both project will progress parallel to each other.