Sunday, December 2, 2012

Logan Grimnar, My Way !

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Anyway .......

So part of the build for Cancon is my Logan Grimnar Counts as model for the 13th company - I thought about this long and hard - how do i want him to look -  is going to have the standard wolf in terminator armor with big flowing cloak? or should I go for more of a barbarian look - no cloak poised to fight and not wanting something like a cloak getting in the way?  

In the end I have gone for the more barbarian look -  so I went to Google to see what people had done-  one thing I did want to do was use the Asteroin Moloc body - I love the pose and think there is some great possibility to convert him.  So with my average Google skills I found this thread on Bolter and Chainsword - Link  
So I like this and the main approach was to use the same idea of the shoulder pad tassle from the space wolf terminator shoulder pads - so this is my version of the above:

So a couple of key differences - I'm using cataphractii shoulder pads and storm bolter-  the head is from the thunderwolf kit- the top knot is from the Ork Nob models- the axe is temporary as I have plans use two Savage Ork Big Boss axe heads to create a twin axe head to act as the Axe Morkai-
I dremeled out the six pack and replaced it with cabling as I don't see a space wolf running around looking like a Pansie blood angel with nipples etc.

I also redid the chest piece and added in some secret weapon miniatures etched brass around the collar as well as runes in various places - I still need to add some runes to the legs to replace the Greek symbols, all in all I'm really happy with the progress and when the build is done in full ill post it up-  then the painting - oh sooo much painting!