Thursday, December 20, 2012

Logan Grimnar Work in Progress Update

So here he is so far- there is work to be done on the Bolter and the axe. I'm not happy with the definition of the metallic paint so a bit more to do there and some of the blue from the axe has found its way to the haft.

The blue on the axe I also think needs deepening as I'm trying to get a deeper effect.   What I'm happy with overall is the theme and effect, he has come out exactly how I wanted him to in my minds eye and that makes me very happy.  Drakin helped with his modelling skills on the axe and fixing up a few details to make sure they stick to the model and for that I take my hat off to him :)

This guy will also act as my Praetor in my heresy force and joy of joy I now know I will be getting a typhon siege tank for Christmas so I'm a very happy lad.  On the Heresy force front both Drakin and I are pushing forward with our force, he has recently just taken possession of 20 terminators and I have a Talon of Contemptors to Put together.  We have also been working on our own terrain- something we have been lacking for a very long time- makes it easier to have people over at Drakins place to play games and the wives are collectively happy as we during the summer months are now relegated to the garage!

You may have also noticed the change in the photo style- I recently read through a guide to photography on the website Massive Voodoo-

There are 3 great articles on taking photo's of miniatures- with that we printed out a background as well as mocked up a lightbox and bob's your auntie we had in my opinion some better pictures overall.

Here is a Counts as Dante, Drakin painted for Arcanacon 2012 to show a different model benefiting from these few tips.

 We should have another update just before Christmas- probably drooling over the new Dark Angel models coming our way!

But just in case the Mayans are correct  remember you need to shoot zombies in the head to kill them!