Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Frustration of Arthritis

A bit of a random post today, but one that has been on my mind at times over the last few weeks.

Ive been painting for a few years and I enjoy it immensely I would say from putting some Napoleonic miniatures out on the table and having my Austrians thrash some French there is nothing more I enjoy, it takes me away from the stress of the world and I can lose my self in the process.

Of late my hands have not been up to the task,  be it either change in weather or a change in diet it has been a stretch to get some painting in without some arthritic pain.

So much so that this week while I'm continuing to push on with my Cancon Project it has not made the process not as enjoyable as it has in the past.  So much so that the last few days I haven't had the chance to put paint to model and suffice to say it has been more than irritating seeing as I'm on leave.

Now I'm not putting this up as  plea for pity, I'm sure Ill be back to normal soon enough with a little rest but more as a question to the reading group.  What at times impedes your hobby and what do you do to keep hobby going when maybe some aspects are not open to you.

Suffice to say I have been a tad irritable dealing with the pain in my hands and joints and not been able to enjoy my past time- and probably owe some apologies to the wife and friends but it dawned on me today as I was teaching a friend how to paint just how much I love this part of the hobby (I'm not great at it but I love it) and how much not being able to enjoy it was affecting my mood.

So anyone else out there experience this (either exactly or in a similar vein)?  and what do you do?

Happy New year everyone :)