Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Cancon 2013 List

So with the Christmas meal slowly settling in my stomach and a cup of tea as I get home from festivities with the family I decided to throw up my planned list im going to take to Cancon this year.

I doubt its overly competitive I fully expect to be tabled a few times but meh I just hope to have 8 fun games :)

So where we go

13th Company Heresy Era Space Wolves 1850 Points

HQ:  Rune Priest in Terminator Armour
HQ:  Rune Priest in Power Armour 

Wolf Guard:
4x PA WG with Combi Plasma
2x TDA WG with Power Axe and Combi Plasma
1x TDA WG with Power Sword and Combi Plasma
1x TDA WG with Heavy Flamer and Wolf Claw
1x TDA WG with Heavy Flamer and Chainfist
1x TDA WG with Power Fist and Combi Plasma
Drop Pod

Space Wolf Contemptor Dreadnaught
Kheres Assault Cannon, Heavy Flamer, Lucius Pattern Drop Pod

7x GH Melta, Banner, Drop Pod
8x GH Melta, Wulfen, Banner, Drop Pod
8x GH Plasma, Wulfen Banner, Drop Pod

Fast Attack
Hyperion Air Defence Battery x 4 

Heavy Support
Long Fangs 4x Missile Launcher 1x Plasma Cannon
Long Fangs 4x Missile Launcher 1x Plasma Cannon

57 Models

So is it the best list? Probably not- with more time Id drop the FA options and Heavy Support and have another dread and another troop choice and also upgrade some WG to carry storm shields

As it stands the approach will be for the Heavy Flamer WG to go either with the GH or stick with the squad as I see fit (horde control mostly) but one WG will always go and join each  GH squad regardless. TDA Rune Priest joins the WG in thier pod. The PA Rune Priest Lumps in with a GH squad that goes back field Objective holding and buff the long fangs.

The defence battery is air security BS 3 twinlinked Skyfire and Interceptor.  Should be good fun - in testing on average get 3 hits a turn with twin linked.

The dread is the flight of fancy with the drop pod - barrels in and fires the 6 shot assault cannon and the heavy flamer and the charges in risking the dangerous terrain role.

The whole army could be allot better but I think it will offer some options - Long Fangs are pretty much a given - there is heaps of plasma to go round some token melta- but with HP i expect to glace stuff to death a bit.

Anyway busy painting over the next month and will post up some progress soon.

Thoughts opinions?  Crap? Average?  what do you say?