Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ultra Marines - A beginning!

So everybody loves to hate the boys in blue, or hates to love them. I myself swore once upon a time that I would never do Smurfs and proceeded to build a small Chaos Space Marine contingent.
courtesy of http://warhammer40k.wikia.com/wiki/Ultramarines_2nd_Company
And yet here I am some time later, admiring pictures of Cato Sicarius, drooling over the artwork I find on the net, Hate me all you like but not only am I doing the Smurfs but im doing the smurfiest chapter of the smurfin lot!

So how did this come about? A joke believe it or not! Jon Paul was all like "ohhhh" and I was all like "whatever" (please reference the song by 'Liam Lynch : United states of whatever').

Cue 6 months down the track and another semester of teeth grinding fun and I find myself having built 3 whole complete tactical squads, re furbished 2 chaos rhinos and a vindicator to imperial status, built and modified 2 storm talons (the base of which was showcased in my last post), A dreadnought, and most of a Sternguard  squad.

The beginnings of a great lot of work :)

There are numerous modification throughout the entire lot here, and what isnt shown is the 10 Forgeworld mk IV marines with handmade combi plasma's, The mk IV command squad, my wip Cato, wip Librarian and numerous other bits! more of these to come over the next few weeks I promise!

What may note from this picture (and you will get close ups and tutorials on them later) is the modifications present in army so far, every squad leader has a cape, tabard and plumed helm, not too mention a hand made combi weapon, the missle launcher in the middle squad is actually firing a missle (smoke from the back is wip), the storm talons of course, the dreadnought with custom made ultramarine logos, the first rhino also shows evidence of this and last but not least every single base is crafted by me truly, with the aid of some silicon and some excellent resin!

Whats left to go? well there are the terminators waiting to be assembled, bikes I have yet to decide on (thinking of holding them for a future allied DA contingent) and well the extra Forgeworld goodies heading my way right now (Mortis pattern Contemptor ftw!)

Give in too temptation they said, but soon I'm sure I'll be sick of the colour blue :P