Sunday, April 29, 2012

Infinity Review (sort of)

So Saturday I got the chance to play 2 games of infinity with my new PanOceania Military Orders Sectorial.

My first game was against Noakes and his Yu Ying - this was an intro game so he went lightly on me.  He had also given me feedback on the list I had built so we played open lists.

The game ended in me winning but i think by luck more than anything - what i did take from it was really how elegant the game system is.   In principle at all times both players are actively involved in the game- unlike 40k where there are periods where you will sit and watch you opponent just move models and roll dice.

In infinity Orders and ARO is the key method - basically in 40k Parlance from 2nd Ed Overwatch.  So I choose to use up a order from my pool of orders (ill elaborate on this) and in doing so can cause an ARO (Automatic Reaction Order) from my opponent if he/she can draw Line of Fire to my model.  It means that terrain and cover are really important and learning how to move cover to cover - use the terrain to your advantage both defensively and offensively.

The other really great mechanism is the Order Pool, your units all generate an order than then pools, you can use these to either move all your units or stack them into one or two models and use them to exploit and or execute an attack.

I really like the mechanism it means that your tactical options really expand, your not limited to a simple move and shoot mechanism, but if you can generate momentum and have the orders to execute you can quickly turn a game on its head.

In my 2nd game I did just that with my sniper who after revealing himself was able to take down a whole squad who had over extended and placed themselves not in cover.  It ended badly and I won my 2nd game.

The other great aspect of this game is the rules are free- the support is great with a wiki as well as youtube guides, online army builders and the real kicker the principle rules are free to download.

Ive Included a link to the Youtube series from where you can watch the rest- These are done by Beast Of War but you can also access The CorvusBelli Youtube site for all sorts of fluff videos as well.

Corvus Belli Youtube Channel

Set up cost is really good it only cost me about 150$ aud to get some models and I can start playing tournament level games with that right away.

So with that in mind I got to painting my lads up. Ive started on the Order Sergent with a Spitfire- Im slowly working the tones up and I am pretty happy so far with the outcome.