Saturday, April 21, 2012

Grey Knights, Infinity and Hampton Games Club

So its been a while again,

Trying to be consistent and posting allot when your back to doing this on your own can be a little hard with a heap of commitments.

If you under a rock you would not be aware but Realm of Legends closed down- which was a huge shock. Totally unexpected and in allot of ways hurt my regular gaming a little.

The loss of a supplier of all those extra 3rd party parts hurts but I'm sure one the online retailers will pick up the slack.

That forced me to start to look for other places to play and in the end I found Hampton Games club.

A great bunch of people with a really great set up, reminds of of WSWA from a few years back and the great bonus only about 15 min away from me.  So Ive been down two weeks now and I'm starting to get into Infinity-  seen it played a few times, really like the sculpts so I'm going to go out tomorrow and pick up a starter pack.

Aside from that continuing to play 40k-  Grey knights are now in principle finished but im pushing on to develop new builds.

I'm looking at a Mordrak list to see what I can build and may post more thoughts on that soon.  I have downfall coming up in may and I'm going to take the list Ive been working on for that with only a few minor changes.

So onto hobby, played against a great looking death guard army today.  Steve was a great guy to play but the unfortunately for him due to his deployment the outcome was very much decided once he placed his models. He is getting back into 40k and playing 5th just as the sun comes down on it.

The mission was draw hammer with pitched battle and I got 1st turn- deploying my terminators into re-enforced ruins on the left and then the dreads behind that Steve basically lined up against me and gave me allot of shooting. 
 We discussed the game afterwards and while there was some of the, wow GK are overpowered it think in allot of way the list selection and critically deployment was what hurt him.
 That aside I hope he stick with it and continues to play, 6th ed should bring some love to chaos and I enjoyed playing against such a nicely painted army.

So the other piece of hobby is this little work in progress, I asked Harley recently to make a land raider with LD light and also so that the interior can be lit up.   He actually made UV reactive paint painted the interior and added all the lights.

My job is now to complete the exterior and then use the thing. Must say I'm really excited.

anyway that's about it for now its my Birthday this Monday so hopefully ill grab some loot to show off :)