Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Musing on Infinity

Well the last few days Ive been reading up and talking to people about the game Infinity- even going so far as buy some models and I'm contemplating playing a game this Saturday.

It's not that 40k is no longer grabbing me, I love the game and love playing my grey knights and space wolves. Its more the grind of finding players who dont complain about the power level of grey knights - the seeming lack of tournaments right and well Ive finished in principle painting my Grey Knight army so I'm looking for a new painting and gaming  challenge.

Looking over the broad spectrum of games and models out there - playing infinity seems like a reasonable low entry point game- Ive spent about $120 Aud and have enough to play an average tournament size army. Of course there will be other purchases along the way but that's pretty good to get up and running.

The models are really nice, they are metal (never had an issue with that), they are dynamically posed and they are scales to 28mm not heroic 28mm.   The detail is great and I'm looking forward to plying my brush skills and also pushing my learning's of color theory and blending techniques further.

Ive decided to build a Military Orders army from the PanO faction- they are Knights (pretty much a sucker for that concept ) and more importantly I can really draw from history for this as the fluff pretty much draws from the crusades period for all the knightly orders.

I'm getting a few of my ospreys out to look over some color concepts and we will see where that takes me.

Game mechanics wise Ive watched a few games and the thing that struck me is the use of d20 as opposed to d6- its interesting and I'm still to really grasp how it works, but it defiantly adds another level of interest to the game.

 Anyway Ill look to posts this week with some post game thoughts.

Cheers  JP