Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekly WIP 2

Well this week was about finishing the 1st terminator squad.

I was keen to work on a banner for the squad as well as get them based up as well.  Initially I had contacted Ron from From the Warp about the possibility of him being able to complete a commission for me on flags as his work is really great and maybe one day I will but unfortunately Ron's schedule will not fit in with mine. 

Not  a great loss but I don't have Ron's talent for free hand and as such I needed to find another approach to banners.

So google it was and after allot of image searches I found two that have me interested to look to try out.

This 1st is for the grand master and I have not yet begun work on this yet but will plan to start this this week.

I really like the idea of a Catholic Icon style back banner- Ill need to source an appropriate image and I do think I have one in mind.

I'm thinking of trying to use this - so the Icon is a homage to the Sigillite -  still need to source bits for this, and any suggestions are welcome on to how to approach this one.  But that is next weeks project.

This week was then working on the Justicar back banners. The gods of Google where kind and I came across this image:

Coolmini or not is a really great resource for inspiration!

So with this in mind I went ahead and put this guy together - I used Ron's Tutorial on Plasticard from card stock Cardstock tutorial for the side scrolls and a basic banner from a space marine Sergent add a Paladin Icon to the top- plus a etched brass symbol and some purity seals there you go! ( I really should photograph the steps in future).   So while not as epic as Ron's work i happy with the outcome.
When you put him with the squad it looks great and I'm now excited to push onto the next squad-  I have 5 Paladins to to paint as well (plan to take that to a 10 man squad)  but to make them different not sure yet what the plan will be.

Anyway this is the squad in full:

Anyway till next time let me know what you think and if your playing grey knights what ways you have taken to distinguish paladins from the normal terminators.

Cheers JP