Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Mid week Rant

So here they come!

Over on Blood of Kittens network there was an interesting article on the nature of the new codex and its main theme: its like tactics mat ward and his necron dreams the white dwarf .

Its very interesting - the emphasis on the shooting is really clear- and down at our LFGS there has been allot of discussion about the shooting abilities.  Of course the matt ward element has been discussed .

I think we will see this army being a real challenge to face if you intend sit and castle- I think counter attack space wolf lists that are reliant on long fangs. Guard may have challenges considering some of the interesting abilities that are being kicked about.

What I think will be a challenge to this list looking at the stat lines for the majority of the entries as noted on Blood Kittens will be assault armies-  dark elder used aggressively should be very effective against such an army.  Initiative 2 will mean you will want to close the gap quickly and put the hurt on these guys where they will have limited capacity to fight back.

What I'm thinking (looking forward to getting hold of the codex!) will be to hit hard with power weapons at the higher initiative and be sure to maximize the hits and ensure you wound them.

The other challenge will be do you aim to kill the unit off in full or run the risk of being tar pitted with the "they will be back" rule.

I must say im looking forward to the codex and reading through it.

On that Ive recently taken the step to collect all the codex's and spend the appropriate time reading them. Ive found in recent games i'm suffering from not knowing what the enemy can do.

Ive watched a few games on the side line as well and taken note of the players who seem to have a struggle spend allot of time asking the following question "what does that do?".

So next few weeks I'll look to start reading up on the current flavors of the month. Dark eldar right now .


So normally I have had no bad experiences with ebay but today I had my 1st-  I purchased some grey knight terminators back in September its not November the 1st and they have not arrived and the seller who will for now will remain anonymou, has constantly advised that it could be held up at a customs office.

Well after contacting australain customs and Australian post using the tracking number provided - no records at all are available for the item.

Providing the seller with that information they have been most unhelpful- so 47 days after the purchase im down 50aud no terminators and my 1st bad experience on ebay.

I suppose it the chance you take on ebay but at the same time the opportunity cost to the seller is ill never buy of the again and I had plans to- so for the sake of sticking to their guns and refusing to extend a modicum of service they lose a customer and allot of potential spend.

Sure they will snare others but looking through their negative feedback I'm not the only one.

So lesson learned i guess in one way- ill still use ebay but ill review customer feedback a little more closely next time.