Friday, October 21, 2011

The Weekly WIP

Well after reading a very good article over on From the Warp about improving your blog - and the part about getting some structure into your posts (things you can do to improve your blog ).

With that as a basis im going to try and start with just a weekly update on the current Works in Progress or WIPs.

Once I get this going more consistently ill then look to slot in other regular posts with different themes.

So this week its Grey Knights -  1st Terminator Squad is slowly taking shape- my bases arrived from Dragon Forge recently so Ive begun working on getting these guys onto the bases and being able to realize the contrast I was after with the stone vs the black armor.

There is still weathering to be done but that wont happen till all 5 models are complete.  I also painted up the Justicar and seeing as I was in the frame of mind also completed his head.  I wanted something similar to how Normal Terminator Sergent's are distinguished so I went with a white and red scheme with the visor being gold.

I also based up the grand master-  One thing Im considering for both the grand master and the Justicars is back banners though im not sure what I want or how ill proceed but I think that both models need that to complete the idea off - Im interested in any thoughts people may have on this.

My contemptor arrived this week as well but the shin guards are miscast so cant start work on that till the replacements arrive - Forgeworld have been very good with the process thus far.