Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Theme and colours

So thanks to all those who commmented last post.

The next thing I going to discuss about the GK army is the theme and colour.

As you would have noticed they are not the shiny new grey knights from the codex- they have a darker colour set its grey with metal working through it but all in all its grey.

Reading the books and fluff etc- the armor of the grey knights was unpolished and unmarked cermite in the beginning so im sticking with the  dull non reflective approach-  My brotherhood and grand master could honor the old ways of the chapter im not yet certain how it will go.

Additionally I have some reference material to go with this approach.
As you can see here the color scheme is allot darker almost black with hits of metalic highlights, and i personally prefer this look- there are some changes ive made- notably the storm bolter is red as opposed to black in these pictures and hilts of swords and halberd parts are gold. But predominatly this will be the colors ill use for my army.

As to force structure - there will be a dreadnaught - mainly because you can't really go pass the -4 on psychic rolls for the ageis- he will be venerable and it will be a contemptor model.

I think personally considering at what point the Knights where formed and that they have access to the technology of the imperium and really are the few that would have had access to allot of the STC- considering a whole forge world was dedicated to their resourcing that the contemptor would feature in the Grey Knight forces -  according to the special rules for the contemptor it has a 5++ cover save well i would argue that field generator that provides that would be replaced with the re-enforced ageis to combat demons etc.

As to the name ill pick for my main characters and the justicars and the squad names im not sure where to go with this.

Im thinking roman names etc but that may be standard across the empire.

But I will lay down some back story for the strike force and how its come to be the way it is etc.

Any thoughts from you readers on the approach for names etc would be interesting to read.

Anyway now for forgeworld to get my stuff delivered and for Dragon Forge to send me my bases and Ill be able to kick this up a notch.

Next post ill throw up some proposed army lists for consumption and feedback.