Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dreadnaughts and Terminators WIP work

Today's update is a biggy.

The last week I've been working on two projects in tandem.  The terminator assault squad and the librarian dreadnought.

The key focus of the two project has been the shields for the thunder-hammer squad members and  the dreadnought hands.

1st up is the shields for the thunder hammer squaddies . Last post I discussed the fact I was making a green stuff mould for the handle for the shield off a standard storm shield from the assault terminator box set.

Well its worked a treat as you can see above the mould is a perfect fit, and completes the model nicely. Ive used from Dragon Forge pewter cables to complete the effect and I am very chuffed with the outcome.

I also completed the Raven Priest (Sanguinary Priest) model,  complete the head with some parts from max mini and the apothecary hand from the command set.  The Power Weapon is one of the Halberds from the Honour Guard set from Forgeworld that I picked up on eBay to keep consistency with the power Armour raven priests.    Again power cables finish off the model.

For all the terminators I'm working on using Dave Taylor's   technique on making feather capes, and ill have more on that in the coming days.

Next has been a major piece of work on the librarian dreadnought. I'm scratch building power fists for the model and then working on the posing of the force weapon.  So far so good but I'm not really happy with the fists casing which at the point is brass tube squashed and cut.  I'm thinking of building this to be closer to the example of the Pre-Heresy dread above and will do some work on the tomorrow. Below is the progress so far.

Anyway I am really excited about the progress of the projects I have some leave coming up soon so I will be aiming to put some paint down on these guys soon.  In the new year I start a new role at work which may inhibit my time at the hobby table so as much progress as I can make in the coming holidays ill make sure gets posted here for those following the blog.