Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A change in approach

So after some consideration and based on the feedback I got, I changed my mind on the cloaks.  I owe it to my wife when she said why are you doing those guys different to your Lord Guy with the wings.  And it struck me, good point....... why am I?

So I dig out the Sanguinary Guard Wings ordered two more and here we are. Personally I'm allot happier with this as it ties in with the Lord character allot better. And adds a really nice dimension to the figures.  Terminators with wings? well they are assault Terminators so I guess its thier Jump wings.... or the symbolisim of the raven working through the elite unit. Either-way I love it :P

I also added the back banner from the death company sgt to my lord character as I really like the motif and think it will work well overall.  It does mean I need a suitable Terminator Librarian as I now think that the current one wont work with the rest of the unit.

Cheers JP