Friday, June 18, 2010

New Blog New Army

After what seems an age of painting Historical armies, mid to late last year I decided with a mate to return to the game system that started it all for me.  

With that in mind I wanted to test my painting skills as well as my imagination. So there was not going to be any blue marines or yellow marines running around, Instead I decided A) I wanted to do the good guys and B) I wanted to do a unique Space marine force. 

Nearly 8 months down the track Im now close to completion of a 1750 point force, but have plans for so much more with this army. 

I decided to start this blog to track the games i play and celebrate the victories and lament the losses, share my approach to painting these guys. 

Over the next few blogs ill walk through the initial design approaches, original color schemes and test models. 

Post up (hopefully) some quality pics of the lads as well as some shots of them in action. 

Ill also share with you the fantastic chaos space marine army my buddy Harley has put together and which forms the opposing force for Wolf Templars. 

Anyway here are a few shots of models