Saturday, June 19, 2010

Concept Schemes

So when I began the project I used the Bolter and Chainswords to work out the basic color scheme, the key elements I set up for the scheme where as follows:

*Unique color scheme
*Uses influences from Knightly orders  from the medieval period

I started with a pretty basic scheme one thing I was looking for was influence from the medieval period, i was after something which would give a strong theme, but not rely on a single color.

Looking through my Osprey's I liked the look of the quartering scheme,  and getting a sense of the colors I wanted to have Grey (probably closer to Black), white, and blue.

It would have a link back to either German and or Gallic color schemes.

With that in mind I started to mess around with a few more approaches.

The above 3 where close to where i was going I really liked the dark color on the armor on the third image so in the end I settled on this image as a basis for the tester model. 

This then translated in this below image, it may seem odd but  I started with a terminator, being as that was one of the 1st box's i bought, space wolf terminators no less:

So while this guy is no more (he got used for other parts down the track) he represents the basic scheme that runs through the whole army.