Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Gods of dice and why they hate me !

So today I had three very tough games against my best Friend Harley and his chaos space marines. Suffice to say he is a hard person to play against but when the gods of dice desert you he become even worse!

The first two games where a complete white wash with reserves not showing up, units failing all sorts of tests, and antitank weapons completely missing all the time.  It was like my lads woke up and started falling over deceptively flat surfaces while paying attention to rocks rather than the large lumbering red guys on the other side of the field.

Anyway the third game had some redeeming factors but trying to enjoy some success when your spooked by the  man who does not know how to role under 3 for power armor saves kept me on edge till we counted the kill points.

9-8 in my favor in the last game with some crazy moments like wolf guard discovering they can hit the side of the barn, and my Wolf lord nearly impaling himself on a dying Kharn the Betrayer! (he got him in the end but nearly failed all his invulnerable saves.)

All in all I clearly didn't sacrifice enough tim tams to the gods of dice and the grudge match that is chaos marines v imperial marines continues!

Anyway tomorrow ill go through some of the fluff for the army and throw up some unit shots and character shots.