Friday, May 30, 2008

An answer to some questions:

On tmp I was asked about the organisation of the units, more specifically why some have 6 figure companies and others have 8 figure companies and then some of the grenadier companies have only 2 divisions not 3.

The answer is pretty simple. In the case of the line battalions it simply for the purpose of gaming and to reflect that not all battalions where at paper strength at the beginning of the campaign. I took an arbitrary number of 40/48 and 36 figures for the battalions of line.

This gives me the flexibility to use the models in a range of scenarios’ that the actual formation would not actually be involved in.

Additionally I looked at OOBs from the campaign to try and match those formations who’s establishment strength is close to those numbers so I’m not completely out of whack with the historical representation.

As to the grenadier battalions well that’s their historical establishment. The grenadier Brigade from 9th Korp had 4 battalions 2 of 2 divisions and 2 of 3 divisions. Thus I’m re-creating them as they where. Since most Grenadier battalions where maintained at establishment strength they are they way they are.

I hope that answers the question.