Sunday, June 1, 2008

Little Wars Melbourne 2008

So Eureka Minatures Supported the running of 1st Little Wars Melbourne. It was a roaring success. I was involved in the running of the Napoleonic Game. John Baxter, John Chadderton, Craig Pandy, Scott Webster and Myself put on Neumarkt 1809.

We where ably assisted by our 3 assistants by the names Andrew, Baden, and Harly (thier surnames escape me). I was given the command of the Austrians facing off against John baxter as the French. I have to take my hat off to John B he provided the terrain which was amazing and always a joy to play on.

Suffice to say the austrians as in history won. Criag will be putting together a write up of the battle so I will wait till that is done but I will put up a selection of pictures to wet the appitite till then.