Wednesday, May 28, 2008

So..... best laid plans and all that.

Lets just say life caught up with me.

So 5 months on and where do i stand with this collection well ive decided to post a majority of my collection in this a few of the following posts and then from there discuss current painting projects.

Recently i was part of Little Wars melbourne 2008 combining with John Baxter, Scot Webster, Criag Pandy and John Chadderton of Eureka to put on a Napoleonic Game and we re did Nuemarkt. It was a succesfull game where we learn't allot and will have pictures up of the in a few days.

Anyway here are the pictures of my collection

The pictures granted are not in any real order or tagged buts an overvire of my austrian collection, but there is more to post up.

Ill look to edit the post to provide discriptions of the units as i work more on the Blog.

Hopefully a post from now I can put up the pictures from Little Wars Melbourne 2008