Sunday, March 2, 2014

Conquest in April and Bolt Action event

Right as a change up from the Dark Ages stuff..... well for a little more to come for sure :P ....... I'm thinking about attending the Bolt Action event at conquest and finishing off my Fallschrimjager Platoon. 

So I have a few to go.... well about 30 models and might be stretching the expectations a little and I need to finish one last unit of Vikings I have on the table before I launch into it.

That being said with a challenge it might not get done at all so I think it is a worthwhile endeavor so I will give it a go for sure.

The Horde of Models Minus 6 that I need larger bases for
 So look out for some WW2 stuff over the next month and half and then on the flip side of that the last of the vikings i have in the lead pile and then....... we are into Anglo Saxons and maybe if I'm good and Secret Weapon Miniatures are on track my terrain boards !