Sunday, March 16, 2014

Some times you are the Insect and then other times you are the Magnifying Glass...... A Hail Ceaser AAR

This Saturday past was the rematch on last weekends dark ages game and what now looks like expanding out to a few more linked games depending on the groups views.

In the time between the last game and this one I had also begun the work to improve the movement trays my lads are on and I will look to have a post about that up in the coming days.  I've slowed down the work a bit as I start to really dive into the study and keep the balance between that and work and a happy wife and hobby.

That being said I continue to move closer to completion to the viking project with two commands of 6 units each done, and planning for the final command in place (ie sourcing of figures and styles etc)

So Saturdays game saw me again face Wal with his Norman cavalry but this time I was on the left of our line and Peter was C-in-C again holding the right and Niel was in the center.  As it would have it we faced off against our usual suspects, Wal vs me, Greg vs Niel, and Ian vs Peter.

And lets just say Wal had another bad day of it with the cavalry facing the vikings with thier heat seeking axe's.

Anyway here are the pictures and comments from this last battle.

I missed the set up Photo's Niel has some but I have to get them off him down the track -  Wal started the ball with a cavaly charge on my lines - again it ended badly for him units bounced around.

The center with Greg and Niel Size each other up and the skirmishers perform the dance of death in the middle

Ian and Peter this time round are moving around and Ian begins to maneuver  on Peters flank, forcing Peter to extend his lines and begin to refuse flank.

Wal Still struggles to do much damage to my lines and my lads now begin to offer assistance to Niels troops in the center.

The large scrum in the center kicks off and blows are traded evenly. Niel pointing out to Greg that its only a matter of time before it all goes south ! 

My lads then get a break in the lines and begin to roll up the center  assisting Niel in breaking up the formations and delivering a fatal flank charge.

The center and the left- so many models hitting each other with sticks!

A small war of movement continues apace on the right

DARK AGE BATTLE ! from the view of the Norman lines

From our right a view down the line as the Norman-Saxon Army falls apart.

a second shot because it was pretty cool to see so many models in play

My vikings begin to start the mop up operations on wals defeated formation.

The battle in the center continues apace but Greg knows it is only a matter of time now

The dead let on the field of slaughter !
Eventually Greg's command fails but this time Ian retains some honor as he starts to granted a bit late roll up Peter on the right.  Again another fun battle and the Vikings go two for two- luck has to run out eventually but I am enjoying the fights allot and It drives the momentum to keep going with the project.

We have another game this Saturday with a bit of a continuation but now there will be more vikings on the table and the Normans who saved all their cavalry will be lining up again but in a different map and scenario.