Monday, March 10, 2014

The Raid - A Dux Brittaniarum AAR

On Saturday Darren invited me over to his new home for a game of Dux and as we are about to embark on a campaign down at Berwick over the coming Wednesdays we thought we should get another practice game in before the kick off.

We played a raid on a settlement and used played saxon's v saxons as a test for some of the potential battles that may come up - in this case one side was activiating on the british cards (of course) and then bonuses where only applied when Boar Sutied cards where played etc.

I have designs to build a Late Roman -Romano British Army for Dux and Beyond but for now ill use my vikings as stand in raiders - because I can.

I really really like the Musketeer Miniatures range so watch this space when it comes to late romans! 

The quiet Village that has recently been taken over by a Saxon lord and his men.

Out of the mist comes another Saxon lord to challenge the ownership and more importantly steal the animals and other items of worth!

My Lord moves his Hearth-guard and warriors up to defend the town. 

The two warbands face off and trade insults- we both tried to use Carpe Diem and charge the lines but both using strong arm meant we rolled two dice and failed the charge- it was interesting how the random movement really mess up your plans and how in a normal game of say warhammer historical that would have been a very different game. 

I think the gods decided I had to much of a good thing on Saturday so today my warriors get munched up by Darren's and one ends up with to much shock and flees the fight

My Lords Hearthguard move up to try and regain some honor

Lots of Insults and cursing and then the fight

I come of pretty bad but for a moment push Darren back and force some serious checks on his moral

But then the fight gets nasty again and my lads succumb to these furious warriors.

It was a tough game and was back a forth in the middle as more men got sucked into the fight -  I think the cards I had kept me in there allot longer than I could have otherwise. It was allot of fun (I am still hunting for a good camera-so sorry about the photo's).

This Wednesday the campaign kicks off so I shall try and do a campaign summary for my lads as it progresses and then this Saturday its 1088 take two so look out for that report as well!