Saturday, March 8, 2014

1088 and all that

So after much work and waiting and work and waiting I finally got to deploy my Vikings and boy was it fun!  

Peter had set up a simple scenario of the basis of the rebellion in 1088 and a battle actually happening with some Anglo-saxons rising up and some danish forces coming along to help.

So it came down to Greg, Ian, Peter, Wal, Niel and Myself to duke it out,  Niel, Peter and Myself took to role of the rebels with me proudly deploying my vikings and Greg, Wal and Ian taking on the role of the Normans and the loyal Saxons.

The Forces Muster for the field of Slaughter - Anlgo-Saxon and Danish Allies on the left and the Normans and Anglo Saxon on the right

My Viking command ready for battle

The Left flank begins the fight - Greg's Saxons allied to the Normans pushed forward and Wal who had the center pushed skirmishers and archers up- in what was to be an omen my skirmisher move forward cause some hits and then a test and force Wal's skirmisher to abandon the field. 

Meanwhile Ians Normans decide to stay where they are and watch what happens in the center and right (suggestions that he is waiting to see who wins are thrown around) king making at its best !

Peters Saxons seeing there is no movement to their front also stay silent.

A view of the vikings and their fearless leader !

Niels saxons closing in - this side was going to be a personal fight as northumbrians saw an opportunity to settle some scores with the lads from wessex.

The view of the battle in the opening turns.

Viking Skirmishers taught the Normans and generally lampoon to the front.

The saxons .... both sides continue to close

Then the Normans in the center start  to get into it - moving forward and looking to set up a charge which they do but it does not go to well as the infantry to the left of the formation are destroyed by the Huscarls of the Danes and the cavalry is punched back in the centre(sorry missed the photos)- the destruction of the infantry sees the elite units swarm forward into the disorganised Norman Knights and chew through them as well. My lads had their blood up and it was awesome to see them go .

Norman Knights caught in the avalanche of Viking Blood thirstiness.

The center is blown right open and Wals Command is shattered in the space of two turns.

Meanwhile Ian and Peter stare at each other with steamy eyes of contempt .... for the dice as they continue to fail command rolls.

Vikings free in the center begin to reposition

Meanwhile over on our left the all in brawl is well underway and the fight is even on both sides

Greg and Ian, seemed to be trading blows left right and center as both command fell apart.

meanwhile Ian was able to take the hill and continue to stare at peter who returned the stare with a wave.

Vikings begin to maneuver to capitalize on the hole in the center.

And then do so with devastating effect.

More posturing on the right from Ian and Peter.

Finally Niel's and Greg's Command are broken as vikings flood in from the right and mop up the remaining 'loyal' Saxons, with Greg and Wals commands gone the rebels win the day!

So the 1st outing with the Vikings for Hail Caesar and  it was allot of fun and the lads performed very well.  Smashing the center as I did turned the game on its head and Niel did a very tough job of holding Greg up long enough for my lads to swing in and smash him.  It was very funny for watch Ian and peter posture over on the right but that's the game some times and Ive been there and felt for them as they had little opportunity to get stuck in.

We go again next Saturday with a rematch and I'm sure it will be just as much of a blood bath. 

I have some Dux Britanniarum Games coming up this week as well so will have some pictures of those later in the week.