Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vikings !

So of late Ive been going back to my roots so to speak of wargaming - which is historical gaming- if your trawl through all the posts from a few years back you'll see the allot of posts for Napoleonic gaming.

Well the blog is about to again get a fair share of historical content again-  Ive grown tired of 5th ed 40k and was not impressed with Warhammer Fantasy that much.  Yes 6th ed is around the corner but more and more i started to find myself being dragged into the cycle of GW with model releases and codex updates and the push to continue to play the "best" list and what's the best combo etc.

So much so I was not having fun anymore-  Infinity has defiantly brought the fun back in gaming for me to be honest-  and then i returned back to a idea I had a few years ago about doing a 28mm historical project.

Well it seems I'll have allot to do over the coming years.  1 st of as the title suggests im going to work on 2 28mm armies over the next 12-24 months - Vikings and Saxons - for either Hail Caesar , War ad Conquest, Clash of Empires or Warhammer Ancients (though ill lean towards Hail Caesar more).

So the 1st war band of Viking Hirdsmen is now assembled and based and ready to be painted-

  Right now Im using Gripping Beast, Plastic and Metal as well as Models from the Eureka Beowulf range, which add some really nice character to the units-  Ill also build a small warband for saga but i like big battles and i think the dark age period can offer some really great visual vista's when done right.

Aside from that a group of 6 of my Napoleonic friends are working on re-creating the battle of Waterloo at 1:20 scale for the 2015 anniversary - we have now split out the order of battle and I luckily for the British Guards Division as  part of my allocation so I'm going to be working on that as well.

So all in all I'm now making 40k less of a central theme to my gaming - and going back and embracing other aspects of the hobby that made it fun for me.

So here is to more than just 40k in the future of this blog!