Monday, May 7, 2012

6th Ed Rumors

I was going to sit down tonight and write a deep thought about all the rumors and I got so far as starting to break down each element.  I scrapped it in the end.

I did this for a few reasons - most importantly being I hope they just do something that changes the game mechanics and or brings back some of the intricacy of previous editions.

I really liked the leaked rules earlier on but truth be told I'm not sold that they are the actual draft rules, that being said I think they address allot of the inequities that a certain codex has caused.

Yes grey knights are ruining 40k in my opinion-in fact they ruined it  for me playing them. Why, well it has more to the do with 5th ed rather than the codex.

As someone pointed out to me 5th ed really hasn't changed much- yes FAQ's have made some changes to the rules - or specifically clarified them. Yet the rule set has stayed constant over the last few years.  What has shifted the game is the codex's and non more so than grey knights.  In my humble opinion I'm sold on the concept that Grey Knights really where designed for 6th ed and while it may sound odd considering how early it was released but the codex and it's abilities and troop stats are all to much for good o'l 5th ed.

But in that "leaked" rule set and the when looked in consideration with the rumors make more sense and begin to look balanced again.  More so with the leaked rules than anything else.

Ive shelved 40k for a while, more to do with work commitments and really only having time for Skirmish games like Infinity (less painting demands there- to begin with anyway), but also partly with the fact that allot of players are shifting to Grey Knights - they are all jumping on the bandwagon in a small way- and really why not considering how out of date some dex's feel when stacked up to Knights.

So my real hope is allot of this is true- that the rules designers are looking at changing the game to make sense of all the rules in the dex's and breath some new life into this game.