Thursday, May 3, 2012

Military Orders Progress Shots

So It been a week of painting, a disaster that tonight I was able to rectify and I have to say I've enjoyed the painting so much that I'm really looking forward to this weekends game.

The thing I have to say is that the models are well sculpted there are some small defects but nothing that can't be rectified.

Overall its a nice departure from the Grim Dark but more than anything I think Ive also improved my blending technique as well started to use glazes allot more as a method for finalizing the blend. 

Ive used in principle the new GW paints and I'm still very impressed (they still do produce some good things :P)  . Additionally Ive started using the MIG Pigment Fixer for the weathering and it has made the whole process soo easy.

I've got at least right now another 6 models to paint but I will be getting more that's for sure, up next is a remote and a Order Sergeant Sniper.

So Ill post a few more WIPs early next week.