Sunday, June 24, 2012

6th Ed It's here! Now what.........

So as seems to be the case right now Ive been away from the keyboard and the digital camera again for a while.

Yet in that time 6th Edition from Games Workshop has now been announced and the rules will be available to pour over by the close out of the week.

So yeah I have bought into some of the hype and more importantly I got my pre-order and yes I'm getting the dice, the cards the book.

So what am I excited about right now.  Well Allies is the big thing for me, Im really excited about the options that now start to lay out infront of me as my combined collection of Grey Knights and Space Wolves and Blood Angels deploy out infront of me.

It means my entire collection can be relevant in one force and I'll no longer be playing each force in isolation.  The hobby potentials now expand for me even more with different theme options etc.

Thankfully it also means I'm not going to have to charge out and have to buy more models considering the huge cost- so I think I defiantly will get more out of my collections.

I think the changes the look to be coming into the game around combat, deep strike and the mission system also look great.  Missions in 5th where good and I think offered some really stable options but they got old. From what Ive read missions with Primary and Secondary system seems to be a great way to move away from list meta as it become a little more about the game on the table and not the game on the PC via Army Builder or Excel or the Pen and paper. 

I think this is important as in the close of 5th ed it has become more about the list meta and not as much about the game on the table.

What worries me:

Well I hope flyers dont become the next be all and end all of the game- the full break down of the rules is yet to happen but there really should be balance so that armies that dont have access to a flyer or a player who does not want a flayer suddenly is a insurmountable disadvantage.

Psyker Powers- these are intriguing and I wonder how they will work out in the game.

But thats all I wonder about there is heaps about assault distances etc and the ap of weapons that more prolific writers will work through and deconstruct but at the end of the day all I really hope for is


and i hope that's what is around the corner.

Anyway I'm still working away on my Dark Ages and Napoleonics  and Infinity - yeah I know heaps of stuff hardly any direction.