Saturday, May 7, 2011

We want YOU!

Thats right fellow bloggers and other assorted people who trawl the interwebs for stuff that could or could not be hobby related... stuff it, YOU! A while ago Jp issued a challenge to himself and I. "Paint your unpainted miniatures!" Well im doing my bit, even under the weight of assignments and with exams looming just over the horizon I have painted my very first of what im now hoping to be one of many, many, many, many... well its a lot of rats!
Its Uncle Skalm!

So here we have yet more pictures of the little bugger, with the warp lightning cannon he comes with aswell! but to be honest both he and the cannon have been test models for what is going to be a 200+ rat army of... well ratiness.

And while the whole thing may smack of finished to some of you, there is yet more work to be done, i'll start by putting the patina on the bronze next and by painting the actual gunner for the model, then of course there is the base to go. all told there is most likely another 2 hours of work or more left to do on this model, with a total so far of 7 hours done, this lies in part however to the experimental nature of what ive done with my work and have had to, "rejig" certain elements as I go. For instance you may notice the green patchs in the woodwork, well first time around it looked more like jungle camo than mold... not the effect i was wanting :)

So get your arses into gear and paint something you have had sitting around for ages, and then for giggles why not take a picture and send it to us! include a little something about the history of the piece and point out any and all interesting details about it, the best model gets to be the subject of a whole blog post which im sure my good friend Jp will be more than happy to write about in length, in rhyme while performing the whole bit in interpretive dance.

With all that being said there is one last piece of unfinished business that is now my firm bid for the Painting initiative. I have sitting on my painting desk a model, part painted that was started before my trip to Japan at the end of last year. Since starting that model the world has changed and life went bonkers, but it weighs heavily upon me. Its time has come. Papa JJ if your out there email me and I will arrange to have your prize winning beauty sent to you buddy, if you dont see this, I will find you... in the good way of course :D

Good Gaming!

Von Drakin

p.s Thanks for the Stylish Award there SonsofTaurus! We will have to confer and take the required action necessary for such a prestige!