Friday, April 29, 2011

Im not dead!

Well to say the least its been a while.

I have to apologise to anyone following the blog, we recently had a death in the family which took allot of time from everything else, then work stepped up a notch, so a few things had to get cut with regards to time that was available.

Unfortunately the blog was one of the 1st to go. but after a long hiatus I'm back and hope to be posting on a regular basis again.

Melbourne In Flames:

In between the last time we posted here a major tourney has come and gone. Melbourne In Flames held over the weekend before easter was a great success and I recommend people coming down for it next year.  It was held at "Realm of Legends" game store in Croydon.  As I have said before the venue is fantastic, and has become my regular gaming haunt.

As far as the result for the two days, we two intrepid fellows (Harley and I) did ok for ourselves.  I finished a respectable 12th out of 102 players while Harley with his toned down Choas Space Marines finished 5th! (He was shocked to say the least!)

I walked away with a draw, a loss and 3 wins and on reflection the loss and draw was all my own fault in terms of not moving soon enough and continuing to play to a conservative game at times.  Once I realised that,  the last 3 games I focused on playing the mission, taking opportunities that where in my favor and some calculated risks. The results the swung back into my favor, but that is generally how it happens for me, the 1st few games always seem to be me waking up or getting into the grove of tournament play. Maybe lots of ref bull is required!

The one thing that struck me was that unlike the last two tournaments, I didn't face one xenos or imperial guard player at all in 5 games.  My Match up's where chaos space marines x 2, chaos demons x 1 and Space Marines x 2.

Harley seemed to face a few Xenos and Imperial Guard players but they look to be on the decline, maybe a consequence of successive marine codex releases and only Nids (which have been noted to be poor) and Dark Eldar only being released in the last few years? who knows.  It does mean future lists are starting to get more MEQ focus but you never know with the next battle.

Anyway there are some great pictures of the day here:

Melbourne In Flames Gallery

recommend you go and have a look.

Work In Progress:

So I have been painting and have also received a heap of goodies (recent birthday) to mess around with. So here are some pics of Works completed, works in progress and stuff I got for my Birthday!

 Sanguinary Priest - For the Arctic Templar's these are the Apothecaries of the chapter but also guardians of the battle rites of the Uhlfender.
 Raven Company Squad 2

 This guy was originally going to be honour guard but is no part of a vanguard vetran squad

Honour Guard
 Work Space with High Elves on the march!
 Furioso Librarian !

 And below Birthday Goodies!

Hope you all had a great Easter Break