Monday, May 30, 2011

English Civil War Megagame

On Sunday Harley and I attend the megagame event held down here annually- Last year it was ACW but this year it was the English Civil War.

Harley and I chose to be royalists and stood up to defend the king against parliament and its wicked ways.  The rules where modified Black Powder.  to sum up the objective of the day here is the blurb from website:

Rules: Modified Black Powder (rules will be explained on the day…no prior Knowledge needed)
Sign up:

Requirements: Nil
Optional: 28mm 4 regiments of foot or Horse (16-20cm frontage per regiment)

2011 Mega game is on Sunday 29th of May. The game will consist of 10-16 linked battlefields which players will fight over throughout the day. Players will command a brigade each, which will be sent by either the King or Parliament to far flung fields to do battle. In most cases players brigades will form larger armies and will thus generate large multiplayer battles. Once a force breaks it will retire and the victor will have the option to move to another linked table to help nearby forces or to "advance on London". Victorious players will also receive bonus cards which can be played in subsequent battles to improve one unit. Eg: terrifying charge which is good for one charge.

As with previous Mega Games the aim is not so much a simulation but more a cracking good fun day!

Ive pulled some images of the wargamerau site: hope you like them

 The above is the situation I faced with my small brigade- I was tasked with holding Newbury with 4 regiments for about an hour until reserves could arrive. The parliamentarians where very smug to begin with.  I showed them the cold steel and was able to hold out for over 2 hours against constant assaults.
Have to say it was allot of fun, and great to play some historical games after what seems to be exclusively 40k and Warhammer for the last few years.

I think its got me thinking its time I got painting some of this 1807 Russians and French I have packed away.