Monday, December 9, 2013

Space Wolves Heresy Era Rhino's

In amongst all the historical stuff i have been working on i am slowly picking away at my space wolf heresy army -  Im just waiting now for the Prospero book to be released (believe it will be late next year) and then i can dive into all the awesome wolfy stuff forgeworld will release.

In the meantime i did complete some Rhino's and here are two of them with weathering and pack markings.

Im really happy with how they came out and have two more to complete as well as a Spartan Assault tank and a Typhon heavy siege tank.

Im delaying working on the infantry till I have some solid information on park and pauldron marking from FW.  But all 4 veteran squads are built and have the same pale grey as the tanks.

The army has really now entered in the holding pattern.