Saturday, July 13, 2013

Vikings Part 3

Shield-frame will be smashed,
the maid’s eyes flash across this district at the thanes’ maimer, sword-lord. 
There’ll be for all soldiers,
for each man here many a spear, before the great storm
of steel appears.
"The Saga of
Half & his Heroes

So its been a while and I must say its great to see Harley (Drakin) make some progress on his Reaver Battle Titan.  In that time I have been working on a few things. Some 40k, but mostly dark ages and today I have another unit completed, bar the flock which I am about put an order in for some specific flock I want to use going forward. 
The below images are of my 2nd unit of Hirdmen - still want to add a few smaller flags to two of the spear wielding guys but in principle that is now 2 command bases and 3 units finished so powering along nicely and also some new model ranges have come out that will help in sorting out how I want to do my archers and skirmishers. 

The next step is of course flock and then getting my future brother in law to take some photo's of the group. 
Next up is a new range of Vikings that has just come out from gripping beast called shieldwall:
 I really like the models and think they are a vast improvement on the gripping beast original line, and will mix well with the foundry and crusader ranges I've been using.

 I plan to get a few of the archers and skirmishers to sort out my skirmish line :)  I like the idea of the guy on the left as well "angry santa". 
So should be more on the way soon hopefully. 
Hope you enjoyed the update 
Cheers JP :)