Monday, August 12, 2013

Vikings Part 4

So its been a while in the updates and I say that allot ! but there it is-  I usually go into a bit of focus and work at getting units painted and i stop posting.

Anyway suffice to say I've been working away at the vikings and now I'm at four complete units.  I think I'm hitting critical mass here but I do know for a game of Hail Caesar ill need 12 units so there is a bit of journey to go for me to get to that point and I'm considering starting on the Saxons to bring them up to the same point before punching on. 

But before I continue to dream about all those Vikings time to show what Ive got to!

The above is about 5 months of work and I'm really happy with the progress.

And just a hint of what I have planned :)

So more to come and I hope to have more to show soon :)