Saturday, July 6, 2013

Reaver Titan - Third Post

So work continues on with the Reaver, while mostly in the planning phase there has been a little action.For the most part I spent the week planning on how to make a screw action for the waist joint, while at the same time removing unwanted flash and repairing miscasting (of which there was a bit on some parts but none really major)

So having planned it it was time I did it! The original idea comes from the guys over at Blue Table painting, I merely put my own spin on it. spin... screw... oh I crack myself up.

So as can be seen in the last picture and the one below, before I could drill into the top of the waist it needed to be secure first, as the top screw part will be deeper than the waist connector. this involved mainly setting the part in place with a temporary pin, drilling the 5 pin holes located behind where the waist pistons sit, loctite epoxy, brass rod and job done!

 once left to cure overnight to ensure the loctite has the best bond possible the next phase it to locate the centre of the holes so i can drill the 'guide' hole for the borer head i was to use. Nifty trick for all of you there is to draw to equal length lines then using a set square or other such device to draw an orthogonal line  at the exact centre of each, the crossover point is the centre of the circle if done right!
Finding the centre of a circle!
 Shown here is the screw to be added into the waist joint, of which is a functional diameter of 15mm, found at Bunnings in the plumbing section. the only real issue was the base screw has a non threaded length of 5mm, meaning it has to be sunk in that far to ensure a flush fit.

 The next two photos gives you the before and after shots of the holes bored (and hex pattern carved in with a chisel) while not glued in yet (some cosmetic work needs doing) the joint is now functional and shall be made permanent in the next day or so!

 Joint works! shown at maximum lock
 The cosmetic issues however are very minor, the guide part of the bore drilled in the base of the hip joint, which will never been seen anyway! but if you look carefully it just started to open up into the main cavity from the primary hole, this allowed me exactly 5mm to sink the screw and that too should never be noticed!
 This part also clipped into other sections, with the space just above the 3 conduits being opened up, which will be plugged by the case of the receiver and again, will never be seen!
 Last but not least the bore attachment again drilled through, again never be noticed. All told I'm a very happy boy with the work I've done on the project so far, now to get the legs built and base for them done and well heaps of other stuff!

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