Monday, June 10, 2013

Photo's Photo's and more photo's

 Today is just a massive host of photo's - all of it is previous work but this time my brother in law Micheal a budding photographer brought his heavy duty camera equipment over and took what I can honestly say is some awesome shots of some of my favorite models.

 DIY Chapter Arctic Templars Grand Master
 Grey Knights Grand Master
 Grey Knight Librarian
 Arctic Templar Captain
 Grey Knight Dreadnoughts

 Grey Knight Justicar
 Grey Knight Terminators

 Space Wolves 13th Company Heresy Era

 Grey Knight Purifiers
 Grey Knight Strike Knights
 Grey Knight Interceptors
 Grey Knight Inquisitor
 High Elf Seaguard
 WIP Space Wolf Contemptor Dreadnought
 Viking Command Bases

 Viking Warband
 WIP High Elf Dragon
 A few presentation images he put together
Hope you enjoy -  Soon on the horizon more vikings and some more Heresy Space Wolves