Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Birthday Gifts and Delays!

Well I turned 33 yesterday,  3rd of the way there a witty individual said and I asked to where?  Anyway it was great to have the family all together eating laughing and just a general good time and to top it off I got some awesome gifts as well.

To start off with my amazing wife bought me two armies that Ive been hinting at and looking at.
Sooooo Many figures! 

The only problem is the bases from Warbases have not arrived yet-  so things are in kinda of a holding pattern,  hope is they arrive either later this week or failing that early next week. 

On top of that the folks got me some great books "Russian Against Napoleon" by Dominic Lieven and "The Pirsuit of Victory" by Roger Knight.   

I also scored some spending money so I can put in place the order for Phase 2 for the Heresy Space Wolves.

The plan is to purchase some heavy duty transport as well some rhino's for the army namely :

Plus pick up the latest IA mainly to continue my collection as well as the 40k approved rules for the spartan in 40k games.

So suffice to say I had a Great time 33 isnt bad at all and I look forward to the next year with lots of hope and anticipation :)