Sunday, February 24, 2013

Work in Progress Viking Update

The Last two weeks Ive been on a long overdue Holiday - and I spent some time with my amazing wife on the fantastic Island of Hawaii-  it was two weeks of surf sand and sun and the above shot was the sunset we watched on our last night. 

Anyway getting back to Melbourne I was enthused and refreshed to get back into my Dark Ages project. While away sitting by the pool or on the beach, aside from some people watching and taking a swim in the pacific I worked through two books on the dark ages- one about the Vikings and one about Anglo Saxon Brittan.

So over the last day Ive been continuing to build up the war-band and here are some progress shots of what I have completed so far- minus some blood splatter I'm looking to add :)

 The shield transfers are so good I cant recommend them enough for a project like this.

I really am enjoying painting these models and immersing myself in the period. The next challenge is which range of models to pick for expanding this army into a force I can use of War and Conquest.  As while I like these models from Gripping Beast their earlier vikings are not doing it for and some are a little hit and miss.  On the flip side the LBM shield transfers are awesome to use and add such an amazing lift to the whole model.  Well worth the cost in my opinion.

Anyway I aim to have the 1st 4 pts for the Saga Warband close to finished by the end of the week as well as a standard bearer!

Till then cheers JP