Sunday, July 15, 2012

6th ed Time for a new army !

Well another gap in posting and it seems like it really is coming down to a few posts a month rather than being really constant, but we will see if that changes.

So as you would all know 6th edition 40k landed a few weeks back and the frenzy for net listing has begun on the net, the podcasts a flush with rules discussion etc.

If I look at my painting/hobby desk i have heaps on the go. Vikings, 1815 British, Infinity PanO but 40k had for the most part been finished as far a grey knights go.  The army i have is not OP buts its solid and i really have no interest in expanding it.

So recently in discussion with Harley (drakin the absent co poster) and I collated all our bits together and found between us we had a large collection of bits for possibly 2 marine armies, yes we have that much plastic crap :P

So with that Harley has started in a journey to make the Ultramarines 2nd Company, but myself I'm going back to the original codex i started 40k with, Space Wolves.  This time though I'm sticking with in principle codex schemes the only key difference is I'm going to build the 13th company the wulfen kind.

I want a foot lists, its not optimized its not going to win heaps of games but what i want to build is a highly themed army that gives me a heap of modeling opportunities and I feel over time that has come a long way from the early days.

So I'm working on a 2000 point list- my restriction is no vehicles and if i have a walker its only going to be a contemptor dread- there will be a small smattering of terminator armor but I will have thunder-wolves - I know not really cannon but I have some ideas to really drive the modeling and converting up a few notches.

With the pooling of out bits collection as well I've been able to access a heap of bits and while i have still had to spend a bit of cash to get some of the more specific items I need , the cost has been allot less than normal and with hat i have already i feel I wont have to outlay as much as i normally would for a new army of 40k.

Below are the 1st 8 if roughly 60 models I'm going to make up-  they are missing fur pelts etc that im looking to either ad with some 3rd party bits from maxmini or that i will green stuff when some of the tools ive ordered to help me with creating a fur texture. 

Given they are 13th company they have been fighting for 10k years according to fluff or so they would suggest to you according to the black library books.

I plan to work in lots of rune markings and battle scares- and i aim to have a heavy influence of heresy era armour- steering away from lots of chaos armor- i think in allot of ways they will of course cannibalize the armor but I would suspect their artificers that they would have on the strike cruiser they had with them when they chased the thousand suns would still assist in returning it back to an imperial feel.

Given they have returned back to real-space for the 13th crusade I would suggest they have also made contact with in some limited form with thier parent chapter and would receive some form of resupply.

Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it :P

Anyway enjoy the below- next post I hope to have the first few shots of my Napoleonic project!