Sunday, June 8, 2008

Cameras and Pictures

So I finally worked out how to use the camera and while they are still not the best shots they are an improvment on the past. Using this new knowledge I decieded to take some new shots of the austrian command stand. Ive been taking stock of the collection and realised just how much work ive put in and how much I have to go as well.

Started work on a new french battalion, the usual undercoat I use is not that impressive so I might have to consider a new product though I think I applied to much. The detail has not been lost though so i think they will still come out on top.

Additionally I started on my 1st 25mm figure and its finished so I'm putting up some pics of him as well. The lad is a grenadier from the revolutionary wars and im really nervous about my first effort so any feedback would be great.

Thats about it from here though after a long break to be back painting and playing is really nice, I tend to forget how much i enjoy this hobby when i take breaks and its refreshing to comeback to it.

The Austrian Command Stand

The French Grenadier