Saturday, November 8, 2014

Secret Weapon- Tablescapes

Way back in the mists of the early part of 2013 I signed up for the Tablescapes Kickstarter by Secret Weapon Miniatures.

After a massive campaign on their behalf and then all the challenges of production a few weeks ago the box's arrived.  I was in the middle of uni so I only really opened a box, had a look inside and then put them away and got back to the business end of uni. 

Well as I mentioned in my last post Uni is over now, and the opportunity for some hobby is upon me!

While the bride was out with the family today I cleared the dining table and laid out a 6x4 table to get a sense of the production values as well as some of the opportunities and things I need to think on.

The Clip system is great but it really needs a frame to go around the board to firm up the table in my opinion.  If i have one gripe, its that there are not enough flat tiles.  The feature tiles, hills and rocky outcrops a great but you really don't want more than 2 or 3 for a HC game and you will only ever really need on stream or river.

So what to do?  Unless Secret weapon take on to sell tiles individually im not sure ill by a box set as it will create to much extra tiles ill never use.  Instead I'm thinking I need to look at making some custom MDF tiles to fit in with the system. I want to really make the set able to handle 5x7 or 5x8 so I think ill need at least another 16 flat tiles to achieve that. I know a good person with a MDF laser cutter so I will see what I can do so that i can make sure the tolerances are right.

Also on the WIP front here are four greeks i have painted just waiting on the transfers from vixtrix to complete the models -  Its Athenians fist followed by Spartans later next year.