Monday, November 17, 2014

Its all Greek to me !

There has been some discussion of late about the plan for 2016 for Cancon...... yep we are already talking about 2016 and we haven't even got past 2015.... the sadness is strong in this group!

The discussion has primarily centered on Greeks, with the associated Greek jokes etc it has been very low brow but funny non the less!  In the end we have agreed to form armies for a good old Greek v Persian bash.  I have been wanting to branch out into other ancient/ medieval  periods and I am about to also start work on a late roman army .... more about the depth of my depravity in later posts.

So in a fever I bought some Greeks from Victrix.

Yeah I bought 3 boxes .... crazy right ! yet also very economical. Along with some slingers and archers for peltasts this will form the basis for the army.  I hope to build a Athenian army - the Thebans will be there for specific bits in that box set not the funky helments....

I have begun painting some to get a feel for the period and the first 12 are now half way done and here is the resultant effort.

A pretty good start in my opinion- the sheild transfers need a little more work to buff out the folds on the white one but overall I like the way they paint up and think a host of these will look pretty solid on the table.

As for the construction of the models, they are a little fiddly  but not overly so and once you know the approach you can put them together in a quick manner - one piece of advice don't glue the shields on until you have the model painted. Maybe and obvious one but in my excitement i did that and it posed some challenges to getting the job done.

So in amongst all the other projects these are now taking a piece of the time pie!

Hope you like em !