Sunday, June 29, 2014

Absense makes the heart....something something something .... yeah I have been away for a bit!

Its been a while since last drinks and the reality is that with work study hobby and family..... and no those are not the order they operate in, I have had to cut back on blog posts.  Its been annoying as I was on a role there for a few months.  However life is what it is and I'm back for a bit to keep up the posting duties!

That being said, it does not mean that I have not been working away on models. This has mainly been to keep my sanity as I tackled study and work.  Lets just say that was a wake up call.  What I remembered to be the even and measured balance that was kept back in the day, well lets just say I remembered it differently. Either way I have come out the back end of first semester alive and my faculties  are intact.

In amongst that as I said I have kept up the painting and I have a few to show off! First up is the first base for my War of the Roses battle.  These lads belong to the Earl of Northumberland and are Perry minatures plastics and metals.

Really nice models to paint even if the metals did take a bit to clean up!  I'm working on a base of archers which should be done soon.

Following on from those I have a host of Dark Ages models to show off.  The Vikings are now at 12 bases of models, which with the way we play Hail Caesar equates to 12 units.  First is the new unit of Norse Gaels.

These are a mixture of Gripping Beast and the new Shieldwall range. I have been messing around with. I have just received a large batch of the Shieldwall miniatures to expand the Viking army, so look out for more of those down the track.

Next is some Viking Bondir with a very buff looking lad leading them.

Again these are Shieldwall with some Foundry miniatures in the mix.  Great sculpts all round.

Now onto the Saxons!  I have been threatening to paint these for a while and now I'm working my way through that lead pile.  The idea is paint an army from late 8th and early 9th century representing the early period of Viking activity. Also means I can probably get away with using some of the Musketeer Miniature Early Saxons as well as some of the Westwind Productions line as well.

In the next four units I have a mix of Foundry, Crusader, Renegade and some Eureka as well.

 The last unit has not been based or flocked I usually do that two units at a time, and you can see the next unit of Saxon Thegns in the back ground, a mix of foundry and Musketeer in production.

Anyway that's the update for this month! With a bit of time I hope to catch up on the War of the Roses Campaign reports and more on the current projects progress.  If you have any questions about what you see here, don't hesitate to pop a question in the comments section.